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Born: 15 March 1884, Vinohrady, Prague
Died: 16 February 1958, Prague (age 74)

In June 2020, the Monte Matteo Visual Arts Archive restored and digitized several rare works of Georg Jilovsky.

A talented painter and graphic artist during the early 1900's, his works were exhibited in Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Brno, Linz, Vienna, Berlin, Breslau, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, San Francisco and St. Louis.

As a native of Prague, Jilovsky etched atmospheric scenes of older sections of the city. These images would become some of better known and remembered works.

Jilovsky's artistic life was interrupted by the the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. He would lose his family in the Holocaust, however, he survived the Theresienstadt and Auschwitz concentration camps.

In 1945 he returned to Prague and continued his work as an artist and his involvement in the artistic community until his death in 1958.

Some of his works are held in collections by the Jewish Museum in Prague, the Terezín Memorial, the National Gallery in Prague, the National Museum in Prague, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and the City of Prague Museum.

His complete biography can be found here. In English only.



  • Image

    Title: Summer
    Digitization: June 2020

    November 3, 1918. Seated couple on the bank of a river overlooking the Hradschin. "The state of Czechoslovakia was founded on October 28th 1918, 6 days before this image was sketched. A glorious, romantic moment, looking at the Prague castle from the opposing hill" - L. Alves

  • Image

    Title: Untitled
    Digitization: June 2020

    For this sketch, Jilovsky uses a centuries-old style of art, called Memento Mori. Memento Mori uses artistic symbols of death to inspire reflection on the temporal nature of life. It is a reminder that time is short and priority, perspective, and meaning in life are important.

The Visual Arts Archive, Monte Matteo