Digitizing Protecting

the past for the future

About The Archive

The Monte Matteo Visual Arts Archive digitizes and preserves rare works of visual art that illuminate the evolution of Western culture from the year 1400 to the present.

The archive is located 450 meters above sea level on a 120 million year old geological landform made of solid rock.

The rock, primarily composed of cooled magma, is a highly resistant, protective barrier against both natural and man made destructive forces.

Each piece of artwork that the mountain protects is considered by a selection committee. The selection process evaluates factors such as the historical context, cultural context, educational value to future scholars, and vulnerability to loss or damage.

After a selected work is digitized, the original is returned to the owner and the digital version is permanently added to the archive.

The human experience is complex, however, each digital artwork holds the potential to advance the knowledge of people in the future about the past.